paste effects

using scale and tilt and rotate (keyframable) a copy on a clip and a "paste effects" leads to a black screen ...

entering the values for each clip works

¿is this a bug in 0.9.2?

¿someone a clue or solution?

thanks in advance

just found that deleting "rotate " the effect "scale and tilt" works correctly ...

¿is this meant to be so?

I mean: ¿ is it only possible to copy one effect?


you can create a group of many applyied effects in the effect stack, the group can be renamed, and saved. After that it appears in the effects list.

To create a group, use the fisrt of the button in an effect title bar, when you look at it in the effect stack.

demo here


There is a bug in 0.9.2 when pasting a keyframable effect that leads to black screen. I have fixed it in git and will make a new release soon (around the 20th of june)