Performance settings?

So far I have not managed to render the full time line. At some (random) point Kdenlive bumps out with no error message. What would be nice (for debugging) was it did not take hours only to get up to that point of no result. What do you do to speed up the rendering process?

- Rendering threads = 8 but System Monitor shows CPUs oscillating around 50% load with only the occasional spark up ... I wouldn't mind if the CPU capacity was more solicited.

- RAM: out of the 4GB available it uses depending on rendering format MPED ~2GB, H264 ~3GB only. Especially for MPEG there's still some untapped capacity ...

So - what are you pro's doing to speed up rendering?

Intel® Core™ i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz × 8
Embedded HD3000 GPU
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
~10h rendering for ~1h worth of mkv remuxed mts clips



Linux Mint 11,kdenlive 0.9.2, CPU=Quad 9300

kdenlive(rendering) - small loading

Handbrake - good (full) loading
How to use a full load in kdenlive?
.update - solution:

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Intel® Core™ i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz × 8, embedded GPU HD3000
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Kdenlive Version 0.9.2
MTS avchd clips ~1h40 worth of video
Rendered to H264 (threads=8)

- Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32-bit: would never render to the very end but managed to render over 10 hours (kept System Monitor to see if it was still working). CPU load hoovered around 30-50%, occasional sparks into higher ranges.

- Stability issues: probably from OS polluted by wrong library versions coming from testing lots of different video tools. Only re-install of Ubuntu allowed me to redress this.

- Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit (the re-install): cut rendering time to about 4 hours - wow! CPU then hoovered in the range of 60-80% load.

- HDD: Experimental install was one a spare disk, then put on my normal PC with SDD. Noticed that CPU load went up to 100%when adding clips and creating thumbnails and proxies. Though no impact for rendering.

- RAM: Adding clips, creating thumbnails and proxies seemed to use more RAM (over 3GB but never above 3.6GB), rendering contended itself to less (~2.5-3GB RAM). PC has 4GB RAM, added some spare RAM to see what it does but it does not use more than before.

I did not see clues about how performance could get optimised any further.

One thing to be avare of is, what other processes are running on your system, under what priorities and scheduler types.

What happened to me:

For another project, that I am playing with, I need realtime performance. I got decent realtime under Suse 9.3, but when I upgraded to 10.2, suddenly realtime went bust: it stuttered horribly, etc.
After some searching, I found that there was a process named "beagle" running on my machine, under some very strange scheduler (seen with "top"), that wasn't even described in the scheduler documentation!!
So I decided to get rid of this. And it wasn't simple to get rid of the damned pooch! Just switching it of in it's GUI did nothing. At last, I think I got rid of it by deinstalling the "mono framework"...
Anyway, after killing the monkeys, the dog was gone, and realtime performance returned.

Now I have suse 12.x and there is no beagle, but some other crap, named "nepomuk" and "akonadi". And this is even harder to get rid of! See



For rendering I just render to ffv1 at full resolution and sometimes seperate audio out. Both uncompressed. I find that the quickest method of getting all the timeline effects etc baked into the video.

Then I use the ffv1 as a mezzanine for all other 'versions' ie web, mobile etc and encode those from the ffv1 via ffmpeg, MP4Box, Handbrake etc including scaling to lower res versions.

If I use scaling and straight to h264 at render time in kdenlive it can quadruple the render time and that doesn't give me the flexibility of various versions without rendering out from kdenlive again.

Hi Yellow,

Thank you very much for this information. My Kdenlive does not list the ffv1 profile, and the profile also is not available "Download new render profiles..." - where can we find it?

Thank you very much in advance ...

PS also no results from google kdenlive add ffv1

hi hlan, have a look in the Lossless/HQ drop down in the render menu. :-)