Phenom II X4 965 and ATI RADEON HD 4350 enough for 720p (1280x720)?

I want to render videos 720p (1280x720, MPEG-4, rendered with handbrake from .mts 1920x1080 to 1280x720 mpeg-4) in kdenlive. Is a Phenom II X4 965 4x3,4GHz processor and a ATI RADEON HD 4350 (512MB, DDR2) graphics card enough?

If not, is the power enough for 480p, 854x480?

Mainboard: ASUS M4477TD Pro, DDR3 RAM, 4GB

I prefer passive graphics cards because of current consumption and cooler maintenance. I render occasionally, its not my profession ;)

The hardware is not yet present, maybe I get it.

Is a "AMD Radeon HD8350 1GB DDR3 passiv" perhaps much better?

I'm using ubuntu, xubuntu with kdenlive and AMD-graphics cards are recommended because of easy driver support.

You should have no problems, as your graphics card is not used for rendering. You need a fast CPU, which seems to be given. :-)

Perhaps a missunderstanding: I want to cut the video in the timeline, add effects, etc. Do I need for that a fast graphics card? I want to play the timeline without stuttering of video and sound. The rendering at the end may last for hours .. thats no problem. I'm working now on a Laptop lenovo B560 core i3 DDR3, 6GB RAM, this laptop is stuttering when working in the timeline with videos bigger than 480p /854x480. Do you think the Phenom II X4 965 is enough an the graphics card will be no bottleneck?


Thanks ttguy, I stumbled over "I want to render..." in the first sentence.

Thx!!! The proxy clip feature is a solution! kdenlive - a great software!! I don't need to buy a faster PC. Thx!