Php memory exhausted

Dear JB,

Drupal PHP memory is exhausted:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 50331648 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 4042336 bytes) in
(...)/ on line 2524

We cannot add or list installed modules. Some modules like bugg tracking are not able to load their code in memory.

Would it be possible to ask your hosting company to enable more PHP session memory. Drupal recommends 128 Mb. We have only 48Mb. Otherwize, let us migrate to another hosting company for shared or dedicated hosting. With Paypal, the community can handle that easily.


it should be easy to do that with php.ini, most hosts allow it

Our website is currently hosted on a shared server and we cannot customize the base php / mysql settings. We are currently reaching the limit of our provider resources in terms of memory and database queries, so we may have to move to a dedicated server, the problem being that it is much more expansive... if anybody has a proposition, it is welcome.


can you tell us the limits we should go over? there is an italian host which looks quite limitless, i use it with php and mysql and i'm happy with it...

I think we need a php memory_limit of 96Mo at least, and some tweaks to the MySQL config, probably:
mysql.allow_persistent and mysqli.reconnect set to on

@xzhayon : all shared hosting are unlimited by default. But you use them, it appears that flowding limits exist to avoid that one use reaches the physical limits of a server. Usually, hosting companies kill mySQL or Apache processes reaching a certain limit in CPU/memory or time. This is why I always use dedicated web servers.

There are some good offering at OVH in France:
OVH has hundred thousand(s?) servers.
I have a 3XL and 4XL and I am very happy with them.

In the case of Kdenlive, the 2XL (48€/month) or 3XL (60€/month) would be very nice.

The other possibility (new at OVH) is to buy shared Web hosting and dedicated database server. For example: for web hosting (8.5€/month) and private MySQL server (10€/month).

A third solution would be to find a reliable Web + database hosting company offering real unlimited services. But I doubt this exists.

A fourth solution would be to be hosted in KDE web site with a garantee of good service quality.

To avoid loosing time and energy, I would be in favor of buying a dedicated 3XL server for one year and paying by Paypal.
This is a little bit more expansive, but then we don't loose time looking for solutions and everything works.

Drupal translation server is ready, project management also. SVN server with personal tracking of code was tested localy on my station and it works and is integrated in Drupal. GIT tracking is also available. As of Kdenlive documentation, there is surely a way to generate PDF and DOCBOOK.

All we need is a reliable hosting, with MacOsX version coming along Kdenlive can florish.

jb fixed the problem: MySQL (was a timeout) and PHP (removed some Drupal packages). We will not be able to add some more packages, so we are trying to continue with the same provider.

Good that you solved the issue.

However, if you decide you need to switch provider later on the one I'm using is quite inexpensive and very stable and fast in support.
1.25 eur/month for a 3Gb space. 25Gb is 4.90/month. unlimited traffic and very stable.

No PHP session memory limit.
Here's their running PHP-settings;

memory_limit 24M
Means 24M by session.

Oh, sorry.
I mailed them asking about just that and the told me they didn't have any such limits...

Certainly dedicated hosting would be best, but if price is an issue, you can still consider dreamhost. I mentioned them in another thread. Their shared hosting plan is reasonably priced, and there is no php memory issue with them (94Mb by default, and we can increase the amount with .htaccess if necessary).

I think I can provide you with a test account if you wish. I'd have to check. If you are satisfied, you can then sign up. I use them for several Drupal web sites which include the bug tracker modules (D5). ?
What kind of connectivity to the Internet.
Where are these services situated?

Yes, that's the one. They are based in the USA. Is that a problem?

I am a French guy living in the free Republic of China and I'm fairly happy with dreamhost, both for their services and for their ethical stance (environment, workers' rights, etc.).

Seems pretty complete.
For example, it includes SVN backend and shell access.
This allows to store Drupal on SVN for easy maintenance.

How can we know the amount of PHP memory?

re. php memory limit:
For my site hosted at dreamhost ( ), I have:
memory_limit = 90M
which is the default value, plenty enough for me. But I believe we can override it and have it even higher. I can test for you, if you want.

I love the shell access. It makes a huge different to managing a web site :)

Drupal uses CVS, not SVN. With a shell access, it's easy to do a cvs checkout of the stable Drupal branch.

Btw, subscriptions.module does not seem to be working: I am subscribed to this and other thread, but do not receive any email notification. I would have replied earlier, otherwise.