Pinnacle Hollywood FX effects

Hy, mayby is possible to make some port to run Pinnacle Hollywood FX as plugin - this plugin have very good 3d effects - and work witch almost any windows aplication (premiere, avid etc), i try to run in on wine and Pinnacle Hollywood FX works :) so mayby is possible to add it as plugin to kdenlive ?
if yes mayby other universal plugins like boris FX - very good specal fx like after effect.
I think this was by a big move for kdenlive...

I am working on something like that, a kdenlive developer had conected me to support it, we will see how it works.

editable blender3D scene based transitions.
multiple resolution (SD/HD, etc).

Slow render times (because of the blender render engine), but can be arranged to get a cluster of blender rendering for kdenlive.

there is another way of doing this in realtime (I hope), as richard spindler (Open Movie Editor developer) pointed out, which is to have prerendered UV displacement maps and aply them as transitions, he is for what I have heard implemented this in FREI0R. ( )

this is the project blog, a place on my website will be created soon for this project.

Marcos Caballero

Ps: I have created a facebook KDENLIVE group, please join!

Guys, I (MLT developer) have been looking into gvfx. I even think we have a bug in our database for this. I have even been hacking on the Python code to experiment with better ways to integrate into a library, like MLT. It is definitely not as clean as I'd like. It seems blender is close to supporting a better integration, but not yet. Anyways, this is something I continue to experiment with, but at a very low priority.

I dunno about that UV map idea as a replacement for gvfx. Sure, it gives a nice, extensible way to do image distortions much like our luma wipes. However, can it do what blender does for gvfx? I find it hard to believe. Also, is it intuitive how to create a UV map to achieve the desired effect? Blender is a powerful tool, and this can open a door to collaborative tool usage.

this is the UVMap implementation richard came up with, I just provided the UV maps and he made the UV filter which distors the image based on the analysis of an unmodifies UV MAP.

he applied this UVfilter to an image.

I suggested him if he could make a keyframeable slider from 1 to 100 and it would load an image I would provide 100 images with different ranges of distortion, where the 0000.png would be undeformed and 100.png would be totally distoted.
this is the mockup I showed him, I could com up with many of this pre rendered png packs to download, and any blender guy could make more.

this is all very futuristic I know but for now, the UV distortion in OME filter pack frei0r works with still images.

Marcos Caballero
PS: if some of this CRAZY features is implemented, I will make a specialized website for download artwork with an RSS feed, so the user may have an ALERT when new transitions/distorions be aviable... many people in the blender comunity is willing to do cool stuff, by the time being, I will make a subsite in to host GVFX, and put new transitions there, for now the blog is all there is.

Hy but what witch hollywood fx ? () - if it works on linux witch wine (i try it and it work)
- mayby is easy to add id as video transitions to kdenlive ? If sombady know how to write plugin please try it (), it will by geat plugin.

And second : smartsound - its auto length sound creator - very very good it work on windows... ( avid -better, premiere worst ), smartsound is very easy ap so i think work without problem on wine, mayby add it to kdenlive too ?

i know to its not open source (and not free) addons - but not very expensive and add big and important options...