Platformer Video Game "Nikki and the Robots" Release Trailer [3:06]

Hello, I recently created a 720p trailer using mostly fade-to/from-black transitions, zooming pixel style text and in-game sounds + 2 music tracks.

I was so happy that Kdenlive didn't crash even once. I was working on an Arch Linux 64bit Quadcore/4GB RAM with game video capturing made with ffmpeg (using more or less this method).

I had three moments of joy during editing:
1. When I first realized that I have to use keyframing of composition opacity rather than fade-to/from-black
2. When I noticed that the zoom effect would keep the correct zoom-percentage for each frame if I cut it.
3. When I realized that I can copy effects by dragging and dropping onto other "pieces of video" (although this didn't always work perfectly regarding keeping same values)

I'd be glad about any kind of feedback but I also have some specific questions.

* Is it a good idea to contain in-game sounds in a (video game) trailer?
* Is the text at all readable, are the interruptions annoying?
* Are the gamescene/text and gamescene/gamescene transitions (5-frame-fade-to-black+5-frame-fade-from-black) bad?

Thanks for Kdenlive and cheers!