Playback buggy in Clip monitor?

Was going to post to Mantis, but curious if anyone else can confirm this bug.

I come back to kdenlive with each new release, but sadly playback performance for me has been pretty bad, so I usually have to go back to another NLE, but since other people don't seem to have the same problems, I often wonder if it's just my setup (hence I'm asking about this bug instead of posting to Mantis first).

I've found some odd behaviour related to playback performance in the Clip monitor..

1) Play a clip (clip mon)
2) While playing, jump to earlier spot on clip (click mouse on timeline).
3) Playback stops.. a few frames jump, split second of audio, few more jumped frames after a second or so.
4) No way to get clip playing normally again in clip mon (even tried waiting a few minutes for it to 'settle down') except by doing:

5) Change to projector mon
6) Play a few seconds of project
7) Return to clip mon, clip now plays again

This does not happen if I jump Forward on the clip, only backwards.

Clips are h264 avi, 1280x720, 25fps, mp3 44.1k stereo

Fedora 15 (32 bit)
Kdenlive 8.0 (Compiled from source as no Fedora Packages)
MLT 0.7.2 (Source)
All others are standard Fedora 15 packages

Intel Q6600 Quad Core
NVidia GeForce Gt430