playback does not work

today I tried to start a new project with kdenlive (dv/dvd widescreen pal).
and because my camcorder puts out these very crappy .mod files (with a wrong DAR and interlaced) I converted them with winff(gui for ffmpeg) setting the dar to 16:9 and using -sameq and -deinterlace.

but when I load those converted files into kdenlive I can't really use the project or clip monitor. I mean I can play them but e.g. when I click fast rewind or navigate trough the timeline it just continues playing and freezes at the end of the clip.

I can manage the unconverted files normal but unfortunatly but since the DAR adjustment option of kdenlive is a little buggy I can't use them...

Any help or ideas
thanks ben


Proxies might help, also you can force aspect ratio, interlacing BFF / TFF etc in a clips properties so possibly absolutely no need to transcode at all. .MOD's are mpeg2.

I have same sort of problems in seeking with HDV files, perhaps FFmpeg is not so good with them.