playing with composite (literally)

Playing with myself, sort of

kdenlive 0.7.7 on fedora 14

I'm not sure if I did that in a clever way...
I used a composite transition (wipe file: linear_x) and kept it stuck at about half opacity. Then increased a little "wipe softness" to hide the line.

Near the end the guitar-me disappears, that was unintentional... I found kdenlive 0.7.7 on a multicore a little buggy, I'm waiting for rpmfusion to release newer packages....
(wink wink, nudge nudge)

(but don't take that wrong, I'm deeply in love with Kdenlive)

--deleted by Kdenlive forum because of the stupid link "More information about formatting options" that deletes your helpful text--

At this early version of Kdenlive, you have to use your imagination, because you can add just ONE transition between two videos. I recommend to copy your "me-playing-violin"-video into a track over the composited video. Than you have to cut everything except the end of the copy. Now you can add the wipe-transition to the copy.

But watch out:
If you have used the compositing effect for moving the composited video, you have to change the settings for the track, you want to have the compositing for, with the drop down menu from "automatic" to the "ME PLAYING VIOLIN"!!!