Please register on Google Map and register your camcorder in our database

Dear Friends,

We would like to learn more about you and encourage users to register on our Google map.

Also, we are working hard to verify compliance of Kdenlive with most camcorders on the market. So we would greatly appreciate that you look at our camcorder database. If you camcorder is not in the database, install Kdenlive 0.7+ and add your camcorder in the list.

For any Mpeg2/Mpeg4 and H264 this is important that you upload RAW footage (coming directly from camcorder) somewhere on Internet. This will allow users to benchmark their computer using this file and also help us understand some bugs. A 5 seconds footage is enough. Do not upload large files of more than 20 Mb.

We will not answer support request unless your camcorder is in the list and that minimum footage is available somewhere to reproduce bugs.

Kind regards,

I'm still in the market for a Camcorder, and I have not yet purchased one yet.  But in my research, I am coming across mts files and such, from camcorders that are on the market now.

For example, earlier today I came across this link to the mts file from a Sony HDR XR-500V capable AVCHD camcorder.  The thread were it was posted is here:

I downloaded it and tested it with openSUSE-11.1 Linux with


where "pm" means packman packaged version.

I tested it on a Dell Studio 15 laptop (Intel dual core P8400 with 4GB RAM and ATI-Radeon-3450 graphics) and also an older desktop with 32-bit Athlon-2800+, 2GB RAM, and nVidia FX5200 (with openGL driver).  ffplay could play the raw mts file (mplayer could not) and I was able to drag the file into kdenlive project tree, mark the stop/end  in the clip monitor, and drag it into the timeline and then render.  The final rendered file was good. The athlon-2800 was slower than the P8400. 

One negative note (in an other wise successful operation), in the clip monitor the raw mts clip did not play well. But aside from that, it was ok.

Since I'm not the owner of this clip (and do not own the Sony HDR XR-500V camcorder) I was not clear where to post this info.



You can post a link a indicate that you are not the owner of the video file. So we will not host it. The display problem is a seeking issue in FFmpeg, which is being fixed day after day and that should be over within less than 2 weeks according to FFmpeg developers. Thanks for your help.

OK, done.  The Sony HDR XR-500V is now registered in the database.  Many thanks for the great work and the great application (kdenlive).

Dear jmpoure,

I would like to help. I new to linux, ubuntu 9.10, and now kdenlive. I have installed ubuntu 9.10 on a Dell Dimension e310 that was given to me. I have up graded the ram to either 1 or 2 gig. I also upgraded the hard drive to 750 gig.

I have recently purchased a Canon Vixia HF200. I would like to add it to your database. I am not sure exactly how. A Youtube video would be great. Can you put a link on this page? I prefer the over the shoulder shot. I would be willing to do this myself, but I can not seem to get kdenlive to work yet.

In trying to fill out the create supported camcorders, I have some questions.
1. What should I put in for the Title? "My Camcorder?"

2. Which product page are you looking for?
This seems to be the basic product page. But, would you prefer the specification page or manual page?

3. Not sure how to pick a video format. Seems too technical for me. I could argue that my camera can record in about 8 out of the 12 formats, depending on what setting I use. I bet you are looking for something specific, I am just not sure how to provide it for you.

4. Recommended hardware? They don't really seem to recommend a core type computer. I am currently on an Intel pentium 4 with hyper-threading technology(single core?). I hope this chip will work, or else it may be sometime before I can really use kdenlive.

5. I will pick unknown support until I can verify every single little thing. As a novice I don't want to decide things for the entire world, with out checking my facts.

6. Can you suggest which website to upload my video footage? You may of recommended one on another page, but I forget.

7. If I am just listing a camera, what am I supposed to put in the body?

8. Am I supposed to write in the log message area? If so I may need some help.

If I am not technically capable enough to help yet please let me know. I will not be offended, I will just go and educate myself and help later.

Best Regards,

P.S. I am also new to replying in forums. If I have used any in appropriate etiquette please feel free to let me know.

You say: A 5 seconds footage is enough. Do not upload large files of more than 20 Mb.

I assume that you want the *.dv file as captured. 5 seconds is about 20Mb.

Also I find that Facebook will not accept *.dv files.

I would have thought that if I modify the file it would not be any good for your purpose - "that minimum footage is available somewhere to reproduce bugs" ?

BTW - I have no problems capturing from my Sony DCR-TRV355E. Do you need footage in this case?

Please note that the first post is from 2008. Many things have changed since, especially the bit rate, leading to larger files. But usually clips around 5 and 10 seconds are fine. More is usually useless unless it comes to sound sync issues (which one might notice with longer clips only).

It is correct that uploading clips to youtube or vimeo won't be any help. Only unedited raw files, coming directly from the camera, are of interest. Whether you experience problems with it or not. Footage is always interesting ;)

To add a camera, go to the left menu and select Create Content > Supported camcorders (or click here). If there is something interesting about the camera, then you should put a note in the body. For example:

  • The Canon EOS 550D records movies with 1920×1088 px. What to do in order to work with them correctly
  • The Nikon D90 shows severe stair stepping, which can be fixed with a new frei0r filter.

Product page: I would say the Specs page, but adding the manual page in the main body would certainly be helpful. Use the name of the camera for the title (like «Nikon D90»).

The log message does not have to be filled in. It is the same principle as the change log in Wikipedia.

Regarding file uploads, supports file sizes up to 25 MB. Not huge for today. If you absolutely need more space, I could host the file on (contact me in this case) unless you find something else (personally I'm not a big fan of rapidshare e.g. because of the download queues and waiting etc.).


The new Kdenlive 0.7.8 version when used with MLT 0.5.8 contains an automatic workaround for Canon EOS 1088 high video when you use that footage in a 16:9 project.

I am unable to add my camcorder to the list of supported equipment.

Which manufacturer should I select for my GoPro Hero2?

Here's all open source and free software: why don't we use OpenStreetMap instead of Google Maps?

The request to add camcorder to Google maps was made in 2008. Read the history of OpenStreetMap here:

"By August 2008, shortly after the second The State of the Map conference was held, there were over 50,000 registered contributors; by March 2009, there were 100,000 and by the end of 2009 the figure was nearly 200,000. In April 2012, OpenStreetMap cleared 600,000 registered contributors.[2] On January 6, 2013, OpenStreetMap reached 1 million registered users, a minority of whom contribute the majority of content.[20] Around 30% of users have contributed at least one point to the OpenStreetMap database.[21]"

Apart from that do you think Google have not provided any support financial or codewise to the open source community? GSOC for one.

Thank you for the explanation, now I understand why.
Anyway I think it would be a good thing to put the same data in Openstreetmap now.

I would like to see the map so I can view where other people are and see if there are any other users in my area. how do I view the map?

Also, I would like to use open street map if possible, regardeless of googles charitable arm.



There is no more possible to register (problem with API path probably).