Please remove black borders [Fixed]

I know this has been posted about, but maybe a "bug report" will spur some work?

When I export video, KDEnlive adds a black border to my footage. I would rather this doesn't happen; maybe it could be an optional feature? I want my movies to fill my screen.

Thanks for the great program!


Have to confirm. After a brief period (14 days back?) the thick black borders on the right and left edge are back.
Kdenlive compiled with kdenlive_builder, sources from saturday.

I think I fixed it now. There are still some aspect ratio problems for AVI DV but I think it's an FFMPEG issue.
Let me know if everything is ok

Tested. Fixed. Black borders gone.
Exellent work!
Tested on the bleeding edge sources (1 hour old).

Hi @all

I have also a black border problem.
At first there was a picture size bug:
There is a problem with diffrent displayed sizes of dv-clips and
I have made a picture-clip with a 720x576 picture. There is also a dv-clip
with 720x576. In clip properties both were recognized with 720x576. But in
timeline monitor and also in output files there are different sizes so that
the picture-clip has black borders left and right :(

Here is a demo-video:


On ML i have got following answer:
Pictures are assumed to have sample aspect ratio of 1.0 - IOW, square pixels.
However, DV has non-square pixels. Therefore, MLT must compensate for the
differences between each source and the target (project setting). Think about
this... the non-rectangular PAL DV resolution of 720x576 is still displayed
as 4:3 even though 720/576 1.33. Therefore, if your project is 4:3, you
need to supply picture files with 4:3 resolution assuming square pixels.

IOW, resize the image in another tool to 768x576 and try again.

I have done this. But now i recognized a small black border on top and bottom
in the output of dv-video. This doesnt appear for the 768x576 picture
output :(
Demo-frames attached.

Can anybody reproduce this?






Not fixed for me (Ubuntu 10.10, package install). I tried rendering in .m2t, .avi and .flv and all files have this thick black border. Should I try a manual install (downloading from the kdenlive site)? I have version 0.7.8.


Version 0.8 is available through the sunab PPA.
You will find instruction under Download -> Ubuntu