Possibility to select on which track a transition should apply in 0.7.1

I have an event filmed from 5 points, hence 5 clips. I add them to timeline, synchronize with each other. And then appears a problem. How, for example, to add a transition from clip 0 to 2? I  add an overlay trasition with track 2, but on project monitor it becomes visible track 1. And always only track 1 becomes visible on project monitor, no matter what type of transition and to what track it is applied.

On 0.6 from Ubuntu 8.04 repo this feature worked properly sometimes. Now I use Ubuntu 8.10 and Kdenlive 0.7.1. Is it possible to make a transition to custom track? Or maybe there is another way to solve this task?

And another question. Will multiview mode be present in future versions?