possible to create custom project profiles?


I have version 0.5 (ubuntu) and I cant create or change a project setting format accept from the predefined ones.

Can I edit the "predefinded" settings in a textfile or is there another solution?

I can make output profiles but it still distort the output in some strange way when project setting does not match.

I have a slideshow import in resolution 800x460, ratio 1.73913, 25 frames per sec.

I have this in the output profile:

format=avi size=800x460 vcodec=mpeg4 video_bit_rate=6000000 progressive=1 mbd=2 trell=1 v4mv=1

then the result becomes an avi in 800x600 even though it says 800x460 in properties.



I do not think this is possibly in verson 0.5, unless you manually edit the mlt profiles.

Btw: version 0.5 is not supported anymore. You should consider changing to version 0.7.