Possible to do transition like this in Kdenlive?


I made this video using Kdenlive.


I was wondering whether you can do these transitions in Kdenlive. I would also like to be able to put a watermark in the corner.


To add a watermark you just need to create a Text Clip with the text you want at the place you like and insert this clip on the first video track.
The text clip background must be transparent.

by default the text clip duration is 10s. It's no use to change it. To keep the watermark all along your film, just stretch the clip when it's on the track pulling right on the right hand side of the clip.

To do that kind of transition, you need to create a Luma file. This is a simple gray scale picture file. White dots represent the first video track, Black dots are the second VTrack and gray dots are a mix of the two. The lighter the gray will be the more the first track will be visible. The darker it is the more you'll see the second track.

To do the required file, use Gimp to create a circular fader from white to black on a picture file.

When you get your luma file, just do a transition between track1 with white text and track2 with middle gray text. Then apply the same transition (reversely) from gray text to black image.