Premier Pro / After Effects plugins

it would be great to have the option that will enable KdenLife to use Premier / AE pluggins

That will probably never happen.

We never use closed source software or very rarely.

open fx may be a good alternative, it´s open source, ( and supported by more and more developers.

from the site:

The following organisations have contributed to the development of OpenFX and support the ideas behind it,

* 2d3 ltd
* Boris FX
* D2 Software
* Discreet
* eyeon Software
* FilmLight
* The Foundry
* GenArts, Inc.
* Greystone Digital FX
* Interactive Effects
* Komkom Doorn
* nucoda ltd
* The Pixel Farm Ltd
* Profound Effects, Inc
* RE:Vision Effects, Inc
* Trapcode

P.S. Newtek (lightwave 3D) have announced to use open fx in the build-in composer in the next version of lightwave