Problem with images

I'm new to Kdenlive but have made good progress except for one issue. When I insert jpg images as clips into my video track it distorts the image like it is trying to flip it or squash it along the horizontal center and then it just pixelates to green. Am I missing something. Seems like this should be simple...

Thanks in advance for any assistance

If it makes a difference, I am running Ubuntu 11.10 on an HP PC with AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 630 Processor × 4 memory and Gallium 0.4 on AMD RS880 graphics.

1. Did you install Kdenlive from sunab or from the ubuntu repository?

2. What is your Kdenlive version?

3. How large are the images, what is your project resolution? (Images are adjusted to the project resolution, as far as I remember)

1. I installed through Ubuntu Software Center
2. Kdenlive Version
3. Image is 1600 x 1200. Project is NTSC 720 x 486.

I guess I will try to adjust the image size to match the video resolution and see if that makes a difference.

Thanks for your help.

Yep, I think the image size was the problem. Thanks!!

Glad to hear that. :)