Problem with Video Capture in Kdenlive

I an trying to capture video from a VCR in Kdenlive. I am using a Pinnacle DVC 100 USB video capture device with composite and S Video and Left and right audio ports. I have Kdenlive set up to capture video on /dev/video0. It captures the video however there is a green bar at the bottom that i cant get rid of. I tried using VLC to see if i get a different result but still i get that green bar. Also no audio is captured on Kdenlive and VLC. So how can i fix this?

If i can manage to get this working and capture Video/Audio from my VCR, what features can i use in Kdenlive to improve Video/Audio quality to DVD quality or something close to it?

PS: I am using the latest version of Kdenlive and Ubuntu 10.04

Still awaiting an answer.

Probably nobody on this forum has that particular hardware, or at least, did not use it to convert VHS material, so nobody can give an answer from own work.

Myself, I have used an Digital 8 camcorder with analog input and firewire output to dvgrab, to digitize analog sources, including VHS, and it worked perfectly.
As far as improving VHS stuff, I used rather strong denoising (HQDN3D under Mencoder, is available in Kdelive as "denoise")
Currently I am thinking about writing a plugin to correct the VHS chroma shifts etc, but this will have to wait a few months.

Does the green bar hide some image information at the bottom? If not, just crop it away, or put black over it.

Ok so i figured out how to crop out the green bar. Now how can I capture the L/R audio from my VCR? What settings can i go to that will allow me to capture audio. Also where can I find "denoise" in Kdenlive. I also messed around with the Video4Linux settings and I managed to increase the video resolution to 720 x 480 which will allow me to play my videos on my big screen tv. Any other video enhancing suggestions?

Oh hey what video settings should i use when capturing video as I want to create a DVD of these videos using DVD Styler and I dont want to have to transcode the clips again just to use in DVD styler. I want it already in DVD format (VOB format i believe) so i can just import it in DVD Styler and create a DVD. I looked in the Video4Linux settings but it just says "Normal MPEG" for encoding profile. I do believe there is a way u can create a profile by manually specifying it in Kdenlive.

Take a look at the project and render profiles - you will find DVD compliant profiles resulting in VOB files after rendering.

So any video that i capture has to be rendered after it its captured? Is it possible to capture video and have it already in DVD format?
Also i still cant capture any audio from my VCR? How can i tell Kdenlive to capture audio from the L/R audio ports from my USB video capture device?

Tried your suggestion still no luck. I think the problem is in Kdenlive. It still wont see the Pinnacle DVC 100 audio ports. I did try using sound recorder and i was able to record audio from my VCR there.

Maybe i could capture video and audio in two separate application and just splice it together in kdenlive? Im gonna try some other video capturing tools and see if I have any luck. Any suggestions?

Oh and for any developers out there I strongly suggest that there be an option in the next version of Kdenlive that lets you select USB audio capture devices.