Problems cutting audio & multiple audio tracks

Hi all,

I'm trying to cut some audio tracks with Kdenlive 0.7.8 but I'm having some trouble.

I've started creating some video tutorials so I've made a quite long desktop capture with RecordMyDesktop. Only somewhere along the line I made something that apparently slowed down the video recording but not the audio, so my audio gets out of sync at a very precise point in time. Therefore my original idea was to edit the file, separate audio and video (no problem there), cut the audio, and push the second part just a few seconds away from the 1st one. So I have two tracks, one video one audio, with the audio separated in two parts.

That's where problems start:

1) After pushing the second part away (which visually looks fine), I keep hearing the original soundtrack - just like if I had not cut it at all.
2) If I move the 2d part of the audio to a new audio track, I don't hear it either. I still keep hearing the original one. If I mute the original sound track, I hear nothing - although I believe I should be hearing the newly created track.

I must be doing something wrong... I just can't figure out what!

Any idea?



Ok so I got it a little bit wrong but the problem's still the same...

In fact what I really need to do is remove a small part of the audio to have it back in sync. So here I have my audio track separated from the video, I cut it in two places, which gives me a total of 3 segments, I delete the middle one, and bring the 3rd one back to where the last one ends. Which should shorten my audio track by a few seconds right where I made the first cut.

And surprisingly I keep hearing the original audio, just like if I had not cut the middle part! Weird... If anyone has an idea I'd be grateful for any hint.


I have the same problem, now a year and a half after your post. Any solution? It drives me crazy, I have to edit a lot of screencasts and this problem makes it really hard to cut the sound exactly where you need.

What is strange, I did not have this problem with 0.9.1 (I think, or 0.8.4) a month or so ago.