Problems on SuSE 10.3 with the version 0.6 binary from pack

Hello out there,

After installing the latest rpm ( from packman (via yast) I had to figure out, that kdenlive crashes, whenever opening an old project (generated with kdenlive 0.5) or when starting a new project and adding a video clip.
Unfortunately there was no really useful log on the console or the KDE "backtrace" tool.
My system is a rather simple i386 system (AMD Duron) running SuSE 10.3 pretty up to date with the SuSE and packman online repostoris.
If anybody encountered the problem as well, or even found a solution, please drop me a note here.

Cheers, Zed

Deleting the kdenlive configuration/temp files did not do the trick.

Kdenlive svn version requires MLT 0.2.5 or svn. Did you also upgrade your MLT version ?


Thanks a lot for this hint!

After updating
mlt ->
mlt++ ->
and all its dependencies (ffmpeg, k3b-codecs, libc1394, libc1394-20, libc1394_control12, libffmpg0, libx264-57) from the online repositories, kdenlive ( seems to work smooth again. Details of the dependencies can be found in mlt_dependencies.png.

Removing the configuration files from version 0.5.0 was not necessary in my installation.