problems when rendering

wow.. I was trying to do video but it keeps crashing when rendering and all the compuer freezes..:(

I really hope seeing Kdenlive more stable before I decide really moving to Linux !!

I wish for kdenlive: MORE STABILITY AND MORE VISUAL EFFECTS (3D-perspective layers for compositing, among others...)



You don't say what you were rendering to, or what platform you're on, etc.

I've had problems rendering to certain formats. x264 has been a problem and crashes every time for me. FFV1 doesn't seem too good either. DV and MPEG4 and DNxHD have been fine.

Admittedly, Kdenlive has a little more work to do for stability. A LOT of work and advancement has been done and now it's a matter of working out the bugs. I think they're reallly quite close though. Check back in a couple of months.