Project > Edit Clip - what does it do?

Edit Clip

This option is available from Project Menu. However, most of the time it appears to be greyed out. I only find is non-grey on a clip that has just been added to the Project Tree.

And if I select the Edit Clip menu item - nothing appears to happen. So I dunno what this item does or is supposed to do.

I ask this because I have been doing a heap of work on the kdenlive manual at I am trying to get a page for every menu item. So this means going through the whole application. A lot of work but I sure know a lot about bits of Kdenlive I never knew about before.

Come over and contribute if you want !

I've just had a look at that 'Edit Clip' and you're right, it shows active until you click on a clip. So I have the same question, What's it for?

With regard to the Manual, that's excellent, it really needs a lot more info. When you're new to the software, we all know that even some of the most simplest tasks can look very daunting.

So, when a new user asks "How do I put text into a title clip?", instead of just say "Oh no, not again" and ignoring them they can easily be directed to the manual because we know the full info is available there. A slight problem though, in an evolving software, things do easily change.

Why isn't the manual under the heading "Help" in Kdenlive? I suppose there must be a reason.

Evolving software + Evolving Manual = no problem :-)

A wiki style manual means that if people use it and find it not quite right there is a chance they will fix it.

I think having the manual on the userbase.kde web site is version two of the Kdnelive manual. We may have two competing manuals.

Update: Selecting Edit Clip on audio clips causes the Audio Editing software Audacity to Open. So my guess is edit clip will cause the clip to open in what ever application is some how set up (in some settings some where) to be the "editor" for this file type.

Does anyone know what setting controls this? - is it a Kdnelive setting or a system setting?

In answer to my own question. The settings are in Settings>Configure Kdenlive>Environment>Default Apps

And I guess it makes sense that there is not an editor for video clips. Because Kdenlive is the Video editor right?

This is great stuff you're doing here!!

I don't have Audacity installed but if I select an Image and then Edit Clip, The Gimp pops up.

Your delving into every nook and cranny is really showing me how narrow sighted I can be, just exploit all the features I need and sod the rest. Time for change.Thanks.

Yeah. I am learning a crap load of stuff I never knew the app could do too.

I hope some others will do some proofing of my stuff though. I could be wrong :-)