Project file corruption? Replaced wrong producer producer0...

Man this is the fourth time during my current project that when reopening after a crash I get the message:

"Replaced wrong clip producer producer0 with 176"

- where 176 can also be another number. Can anyone explain why this is, what this is and mostly to what degree I should be scared?


This error is mostly internal to Kdenlive, and should not be a problem for your project. It is related to the way Kdenlive stores the clips in the MLT structure, and somehow (during a clip move or something similar) the internal Kdenlive clip id was lost. By the way, that is maybe the reason why Kdenlive crashed. Howerer, I thought that this kind of corruption was fixed in latest Kdenlive svn...

Which Kdenlive version are you using? If you are using latest svn, I would be interested to hear more about that crash...


Usually I update to latest SVN version so this project was made with several versions. Included is a projectfile last crash/saved with rev 4251.

I haven't been able to willingly reproduce the bug but I've tried to isolate some information on a really bad crash in bug #1308, which produced the same error. Maybe it's useful.

*due to the 1 MB disk quota I can't attach the projectfile and have (mis)used bug 1308 for that. The projectfile is called RunWithTheWolves_producer0.kdenlive

**After all this now I've actually managed to get projectfiles that are non-openable (at least on my computer)... Probably due to me stacking effects because that's what I've been doing last. I will file a bugreport with some backtraces etc. after I get back on track.


I've had the same "Replaced wrong clip producer" error a couple of times - the first time I rebuilt the corrupted bits of timeline, but I'm hoping that there's a way to fix it in the .kdenlive file.

This is using Kdenlive 0.8 on Ubuntu 11.04.

I've attached a copy of the .fdenlive file - any suggestions on how to fix it?


Please use the bugtracker. This section of the forum is not maintained anymore (see sticky post at the top).