Project Monitor not accurate?

Hi there,

I struggle with the project monitor. When I drag the cursor first forward in the timeline everything seem to be fine, but when I drag backwards, the project monitor is shows the wrong frame. The more I shift the cursor back and forth, the more timeline and monitor are more out of sync.

So the monitor show frames from the beginning of the clip, while the cursor on the timeline is nearly at the end of the timeline.

Has somebody an idea how to get rid of this problem?

Thanks 2 all

I discovered that this happens (only) with miss interpreted wmv3 files with 25 fps. Clip properties shows windows media video 9 with a framerate of 1000.000!

I am also having -very- bad audio sync problems with .wmv files. Sometimes when I import them, my video is double the speed of what it should be. When I render, video is double the speed of my audio track. Moving back and forth along the timeline exacerbates the problem.

Can someone please help figure out how to fix this problem?

I followed the instructions in this post, but it did nothing to help with these issues:

Editing wmv3 just does not work very good (in any editor AFAIK). You will have to transcode them with FFmpeg. I-frame only MPEG-4 or MPEG-2 is one good option. There are posts here related to AVCHD with examples. Then, you can add this as a Transcode profile in Kdenlive 0.7.4+ Settings, which you can access from the Project Tree by right-clicking on the clip or from the File menu.