Project Monitor works slowly


I noticed that project monitor works slowly despite the fact that I have only two clips overlapped with a transition effect. I have quite a powerful machine and Adobe Premiere worked fine and displayed a preview quickly even with lots of effects and transitions applied at the same time to several tracks. Adobe Premiere project monitor shows a preview with a lower quality...

Is there a way in Kdenlive to set lower quality for project monitor for preview purposes and make it work faster?

Thanks much.


Would you please shut up about Premiere already!? just kidding :-) Were you using CS5 version or earlier?

The monitor in Kdenlive is already running at a lower quality than Render; however, it is not significantly lower. We do not have the resources of Adobe, but we are working on additional parallel processing on multi-core systems that will arrive in early 2011.

I was using Premiere Pro 2.0 and it worked quite good.

No worries about me talking about Adobe :) Since I am completely killed by Windows and its applications I migrated to Ubuntu and trying to support open source communities where it is possible. By the way, I'm a Drupal CMS developer and supports Drupal community. I am also sure that we need to take good ideas from such monster applications like Final Cut and Premiere because they are leaders among Win applications. I want to make Kdenlive better... Unfortunately, I can't help you with development here since this is not my area but I can be a user/tester.

BTW, I can help Kdenlive community with its Drupal web site. Tell me if you need any web deveopment.

Many thanks for your help!