Project settings not customizable?

Kdenlive Forum,

I have some clips that are MPEG-2 Video, 30 frames per second, 720 x 480 in size. I have assembled them into a timeline and want to render them out into one complete sequence that is pretty much the same format again.

However, when I go to "Project->Congifure Project", the "Video Format" drop down list has a list of entries that I can't edit. "DV NTSC" is the closest option, but the frame rate is slightly different, and so is the aspect ratio.

Can't I make custom project configurations?

In the "Export Timeline" interface, it is possible to create and edit different format specifications.

But, as I've come to discover, if the project settings aren't already in the right format, the output can become something other than what you expected, no matter how you try and manipulate the rendering.

How can I add custom entries to project configuration options?

Thank you for any advice.



Sorry to be a pest, but this seems like it should be either easy to answer or easy to do.

Even if it means adding an entry into a configuration file, surely there is some way to enter a custom project settings configuration...?

I have a very similar problem too.... wish there was a custom settings option!

Okay, I may have figured it out. Looking through the code, it seems like the project settings are assigned based on the files in the mlt profiles directory:

profilePath = mltPath.path();
QStringList profilesList = QDir(profilePath).entryList("*", QDir::Files);

search where mlt is installed.... for me its /usr/share/mlt/profiles, copy dv_ntsc to a different name, edit description and the settings.


Thank you for finding that out.

By comparing the various settings among the different files in that directory, I was able to create a new file that matches the format that my HDD camera uses.

I guess now the only thing to do is add a feature request for the ability to make custom settings from within the Kdenlive interface. Dealing with obscure syntax in settings files clearly not the ideal.

While I figured how to tweak the input/export options, I am still not able to get it right, maybe someone can help. I just want to export part of the clip in low resolution, which can be emailed. I have a 1080i sony handycam, from which I burned a DVD using "direct dvd", copied the .vob to hard-drive, and I would like to export it to a smaller resolution... problem is that all the combinations so far have yielded a horzontally squished mpeg.

I was able to use avidemux to get the job done since it goes not require any guess work... vob encoding is recognized (720x480, 29.97fps, 4:3) and the scale output filter can be set to animorphic, but I rather use kdenlive because of its powerful features.


I'm having a very similar problem with aspect ratio and scaling. Everything I render has a similar horizontal scaling problem as you describe.

I started a new thread on the topic here. Is what I describe similar to your issue?