Qt theme in Xubuntu

Hi, I compiled the latest svn version and Kdenlive has  the KDE4 theme with round buttons not the cleanlooks I have set for the qt apps I'm using.  Lastfm client accepts the Qt 4 settings but Kdenlive does not. Any idea?

Have you set the theme for KDE4? It sounds like you have only set it for Qt?

Hm, I installed System settings but its blank. Do you know by any chance which Ubuntu packages are needed for kde theming? I'd rather not install the whole kde...

You don't need the whole of KDE.
I know you need kdelibs, and you may need a couple of other kde packages, but I'm not sure if that's so. I do know that the whole of KDE includes many unneeded apps (which even Kubuntu doesn't include all of by default).

No, I do not know. Perhaps "kcontrol", but I fear it will pull a number of packages.

There must be some setting somewhere, but I use the gui, so....

Ah nevermind, I can live with a little incositencies in the GUI ;). Btw, something's funny going on with icons. Some are OK some are missing and some seem to appear after a while or when I hover the cursor over them.