question about adding LADSPA effects


I followed ddennedy's advice and started looking at the XML files used to create Kdenlive's LADSPA-based audio effects. Things look easy enough, but I wondered what to do about an issue with representing values. An effect I want to include (a ring modulator) has a Modulator parameter that goes from -1 to 1. How can I create a slider that registers floating point numbers ? I see examples that go into negative numbers, but usually they're something like -70 to 6 and always integers. Please advise if my slider is possible, it'll help get me started. Hopefully I can add a few more LADSPA effects to Kdenlive's fx stack. :)



If you have a parameter that goes from -1 to 1, you must use the "factor" parameter, that will divide your max and min values, like in the phaser effect.

So it will look like that:

<parameter type="constant" name="my_parameter_name" max="100" min="-100" default="0" factor="100">
<name>My Parameter Name</name>

Ah, thank you very much, that solved the problem. I understand the models better now, will practice some more. I have the ringmod effect working but I don't think it's working correctly, I have to run some more tests.