Question concerning updating

Hi everyone and thanks in advance for any advice or opinion you can share.

I am running the Fedora 16 distribution of Linux.Their official Kdenlive version is This version does everything I need to do and has never crashed but I can't help wondering if I should update anyway.

I use the editor to capture my guitar recordings (flip video camera) for a free online classical guitar training course ( ).

There is one seemingly minor problem currently in that the flip video camera records at 44100hz and Kdenlive converts to 44800hz internally. That introduces a tiny bit of audio distortion. If I cut down a clip to just the part I want and then render and reload it, add titles and render again the distortion gets amplified and becomes quite noticeable. Once I understood this, I could work around it by doing everything in the first edit session and rendering only once. I can't help wondering if this has changed between my older version and the current one.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the process to dump the Fedora version and compile a current version?

Here is a typical example of my simple editing;

Best regards,
Bob G.