Raw DV and DV AVI exports


I'm currently working with DV tapes that I imported as DV AVI type 2 (OpenDML AVI) with Kino.

I'd like to manipulate them without any loss, I guess I can do this by each time exporting as DV ?
In Kdenlive, should I choose AVI DV or Raw DV ?

Actually, I have some problems :
- when I export as AVI DV, files are ok. I can read them with vlc or mplayer. BUT I can't reuse these files in Kdenlive : it won't recognize the aspect ratio and the audio is missing. It says 0kHz...
- the files I get when I export as Raw DV are smaller (less information, worse quality than AVI ?)
- if I want to convert to Theora the export Raw DV files (with ffmpeg2theora) I get a lot of this error "AC EOB marker is absent pos=64"...

Any tip/clue/idea to get the good files ?

Help !

Ps: I'm using 0.4 on an Ubuntu Feisty install.


somebody can give me hints about this ?
I'm quite stuck at the moment cause i really need to work with lossless exports.

I am interested in lossless-exporting as well. I would like to create DVDs with my captured-in-Kino Raw DV footage, and currently every export either results in (avi files) very-interlaced video, or (mpg files) very blocky video. I've spent some time playing with options in the [Custom] export tab, but nothing results in really clean, good video. I am using SVN 0.6.0 from 12 April 2008, with MLT/MLT++ and ffmpeg also build that date.

th0mas, have you figured anything out for lossless (or near-lossless) exporting?

This custom export setup creates the best output I've seen from my input files, but it also seems that both QDVDAuthor and KMediaFactory don't like this format much, making it hard to create/author DVDs (unsolved). Here is that Custom format:

name: "Raw DV Deinterlaced"
extension: "dv"
parameters: "format=dv deinterlace=1 pix_fmt=yuv411p size=720x480 profile=dv_ntsc"

For QDVDAuthor, the best format that I can figure out (with my input files) is the High Quality > HDV 720 30p.

hi el_jefe,

unfortunately, I didn't figure out yet how to create lossless files...
I will try your custom format shortly.

Any more hint on this topic is welcome.