raymond mill,grinding mill,ball mill

Heavy Veken Group has 20 years experience in production and sales

of Raymond Mill. In recent years, the technologies the company

Raymond mill constantly updated. In the performance and quality

continuously optimized, the device can also known as the Raymond

machine. Its application to Range:
Raymond Mill for barite, calcite, potash feldspar, talcum, marble,

limestone, ceramic, glass, etc. Mohs hardness of not more than

seven and humidity below 6% of non-inflammable and explosive in

mining, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy and other

industries more than 280 kinds of materials of the milling process,

refined grain size in the range of 100-325 mesh of arbitrary

regulation. Raymond Mill working process:
Raymond Mill machine structure is by the host, analysis

machine, piping device, blower, according to user needs can be

equipped with crusher, hoist, electromagnetic vibrating feeder,

electric control motor so on. Materials are crushed to the desired

size, by the hoist the material sent to the storage hopper, and

then the vibrating feeder will feed into the host continuous

grinding even indoors, due to the rotation when the centrifugal

force, roller swings outward, tight pressure on the grinding ring,

shovel blade scoop up material sent to the grinding roller and

grinding ring between the roller rolling by crushing aim to

achieve. After grinding the powder material with the cycle of air

blowers have been brought into the analysis of machine sorting,

fine through coarse grinding of materials fall back to re-qualified

with the airflow into the finished product is powder cyclone powder

collection device, after a powder discharge tube, shall be

finished. In the Raymond Mill material in the interior due to a

certain moisture, grinding, when heat, moisture evaporation, and

the machine interface does not close the pipe, the outside world

gas is inhaled, so that circulation increased pressure to ensure

the mill in the state to work under negative pressure , the

increase in gas flow through the duct into the dust I was purified

from entering the atmosphere.
Raymond Mill structural characteristics of
1, Raymond mill three-dimensional structure, small footprint,

complete sets of strong, refined flour from the expected sub-blocks

of independent self-contained production system.
2, son of fineness of finished powder evenly pass screening

rate of 99%, which is hardly available in other milling equipment.
3, flour mill master transmission device using enclosed gear

boxes and pulleys, transmission smooth and reliable operation.
4, Raymond important parts adopt high quality steel, wear-

resistant parts are used high-performance wear-resistant materials,

machine wear resistance of high and reliable operation.
5, electrical system, centralized control, milling shop that no

one could realize the basic operation and easy maintenance.
Raymond Mill Maintenance:
1, Raymond powder machine in the use process, there should be

regular staff responsible for the custody of the operator must

possess a certain level of technology. Milling machine before

installing the operator must carry out the necessary technical

training, so that to understand the principle of mill performance,

are familiar with operating procedures.
2, for the Raymond Mill to normal, should be developed

equipment "equipment maintenance safe operation of systems" can

ensure the long-term safe operation of mills at the same time have

the necessary repair tools and grease and the corresponding

3, Raymond powder machine used for a period of time,

maintenance should be carried out, while roller grinding ring Blade

repair of replacement of wearing parts such as processing, grinding

roller device in use before and after the connecting bolt nuts

should be carefully examined to see if there is loosening,

lubricating oil is to add a little grease.
4, roller devices of the time more than 500 hours or so to

replace the roller, the pairs of rollers each bearing kit must be

cleaned in time to replace the damaged parts, fuel pumps and tools

can be used to manually add butter gun.