re-install has no "rendering" button under monitor - solved!

Hi all,

new to the product, on ubuntu jaunty. I had lots stability problems so I created a new partition, installed 9.04, updated, install kdenlive lastest (earlier today) and followed the instuctions to install from sunab. the config wizard was all checkmarks. I thought that a clean install might help with stability and it does seem to be better. But now the monitor no longer shows effects in the project monitor window.

The previous install would let me preview the bluescreen effect and place a picture clip in behind my click to see a great approximation of the effect before rendering to a file. I notice that the litte green square (button) that indicated if rendering in the monitor was on, is now missing.

Is this somewhere in the settings? Is it dependent on any packages that are not installed with kdenlive or on my graphics cards (open source ati driver installed by default) . Could the problem be the project format setting or my mp4 source clip? The same clip on the same machine did show the effects preview in the monitor and had the little green square in a previous 9.04 install (also worked on 8.10), although in both cases kdenlive was very unstable.

Any help much appreciated.


found another thread about transparency/bluescreen that sounded similar:

needed to add a "composite" transition to get the bluescreen working.

Love the new release - very stable now on my machine.

Only problem is that this issue was a killer and I'm on a deadline so I bought an upgrade to iLife '09 just to get their new green-screen feature! which is a joke. No adjustments at all, no colour picker, no thresholds, dumbed it down so much it's useless - produced terrible results as you might expect. lol

Keep up the great work, this is an exciting project.