recommendations for installtion in ubuntu 9.10?

hello everyone
I have tried a few things to get kdenlive working on Ubuntu 9.10. I had it working before in openSUSE and it was AMAZING so I'm trying to get it working in Ubuntu.

Initially I downloaded from the repositories but was missing lots of codecs and rendering always crashes.
I added the ppa:sunab/ppa to my list, and installed the newer version, but I did not remove the first one beforehand, I realized after words that that was probably a bad move.
I have most of the options for rendering unshaded, but it still displays a crash everytime I attempt to render.

I'm just wondering, what would be my best course of action, Is there anything I am missing that I can install?
or should I attempt to remove everything and download again from the new repositories?
I have never successfully built a package from source, but it would be worth it to learn if that is the best way.
(is it easier to get kdenlive working in KDE, I was reading that in some forum and wasn't sure whether or not to pay it credence.)

after trying kdenlive out I am really hooked on it so any tips anyone can give would be most appreciated.

thanks :)

Maybe that page needs some information about pulseaudio. And about removing MLT fully before attempting. Or any of the other little tweaks necessary to get it to run.

It would also be nice if the page reassured about gnome.

Don't know if this is still useful but a when I installed 9.10 the first thing I did was install the Kdenlive Builder Wizard. I got things working by installing these packages:

kommander-kde3 subversion cmake libsdl1.2-dev g++ git-core libxml2-dev
kdelibs5-dev dvgrab libvorbis-dev libjack-dev libmad0-dev kdesudo
recordmydesktop ladspa-sdk libdv4-dev libsamplerate0-dev libtool
automake autoconf libfaad-dev libfaac-dev libmp3lame-dev libtheora-dev

...installing libx264 from git repository...

...and then installing via the builder wizard. You can use all options except sox support this way. This stuff about removing previous MLT installs and conflicting usr/local data doesn't mean anything to me, I never installed MLT there anyway.

I have libsdl1.2debian-pulseaudio installed and sound works kinda ok. Hopefully this helps you a bit.