Recommended Linux distro for source code Kdenlive installs?

Dear readers,

Please excuse me for asking a question which may be a faq (although it's not in the faq list) -- I'm new to this forum .

I have had bad luck with testing Kdenlive on Fedora (8, yes, too old I know -- it's my regular machine), Ubuntu and Mandriva (2009). In some cases (after following all the known hacks) I had more luck than with others, as a matter of fact Mandriva worked best so far (Kino had no problems whatsoever) and it apparently uses the old firewire stack.

However, I feel it's better to use a source code install (and keeping better up-to-date with recent FFmpeg etc. from svn).

So my question is: is there a recommended source-code oriented Linux distro to use for Kdenlive? Like ArchLinux, Gentoo, or ...?

(Or perhaps a sneakier question: what distro do the Kdenlive developers use?)

Thanx for any help, regards, Eric

PS: I'm just very interested in best experiences/practices from users w/r to using Kdenlive --- not to start a 'best Linux distro holy war'; I'm distro-neutral

I would say check out the how-to's for several distro's at the

Personally I use openSUSE at the moment because I like the long-term support and the way they handle KDE4. If you go for Debian (like used in the liveCD) you'll probably get a more stable system aimed more towards the free philosophy... who's to say what is best?

I use the builder wizard on (k)ubuntu 8.10. You just need to heed the special instruction for getting the KDE3 version of kommander, install the necessary -dev packages, and you should be good to go.

I use ArchLinux as my development workstation, but it does not have the KDE3 version of kommander. However, because ArchLinux has many multimedia packages and does not separate run vs. dev packages, it often requires fewer steps than a source build on other distros without the wizard.