Is it just me wondering what is going on with this? I was kind of excited to see the successful funding for this project and eagerly awaited to see the results. The process started and then it seems all updates just fizzled.... Did the refactoring get finished? Did you run out of time before finishing the code? I guess in general, whats going on with the Kdenlive project?

i also wonder about what happened... it all seemed to be going well and then no news...

i see there is some things happening over at the git repo but nevertheless it would be good to hear some news about the status of the project.

cheers :D

I am also waiting for updates here.

Really kind of disappointing. I found this project a while back and played with it some. I was looking for some video software for the business I work for. Kdenlive while it showed great potential did not quite seem ready. I had great hopes that I would see it develop some.

It is not a good sign though when developers take such a uncaring stance on things. People came forward and offered substantial amount of money to help out and the developers can't even be bothered to keep up good communication as to the progress of the project. If this is how they work when they have money then I'm shocked this software even made it to this point.

The lack of communication really has turned me off to this. There is no way I can stand behind something that it does not even look like the creators care about.

From what was discussed on the mailing list a while ago, if I understand correctly time and effort was put into establishing what code needed to be 'refactored' and the way to go about that, which took longer than anticipated, so the amount of refactoring that could be done for the remaining allotted time was reduced.

But I too am a little surprised that not much has been said about results of refactor process. However uncaring developers, come on, look at the daily commits for bug fixing and the frequency of releases. Look at Mantis.

There's a lot of care from devs from what I see, just perhaps not enough devs or enough devs with enough time available.

It should be easy to post some information about the status here - whatever it is. Lack of information is often a source for rumors and annoyance...

Yes, sorry for the delay. I am currently working on the last release of the "old" branch - Kdenlive 0.9.4. Some changes in MLT required more work than expected, but we are getting close to the release. After that I will concentrate on integrating the refactoring branch. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of human resources, so it takes longer than we would like, but the improvements from refactoring branch will appear in the next months.

Thank you, j-b-m :-)

Thanks indeed j-b-m, but as mentioned by others: Communication is the key here.
We all understand (I do at least being the Mac OS X maintainer for two other OS projects over the past 6 years. Now back on linux for 4 months) that you all spend an awfull lot of your free time in this project and that you have done so since 2002. Most of us really appreciate that. And when recalculated in money it's definitely far more than 10 times the amount being raised now for this refactoring.
I for once would even say: please take some time off on regular base and spend it with your family, relatives, friends and so on, but please tell the world about the ongoing status of this project everyone is thrilled to see go live.

The website clearly shows on the left side (Commits) all the bugtracking and bugfixing work being done so people should also look at that when they say nothing is being done.
Users should really realize about how much time has already been spend to this project.

However, now "some" money has been raised by a lot of people, so that changes it a little.

Please make a sticky topic and just give us 15-20 lines about planning, milestones and realized work. Please update it at regular times. And if the planning shifts backwards: so be it, but please let the world know.

Thanks for all the great work you and the entire team have done over the last 10 (!!) years.

And thanks in advance for what the community will receive in ?? weeks/months/years :)

I would like to say thank you j-b-m for the update. I would also like to say sorry for coming across as a jerk, but I did seem to get more results from that as apposed to asking nicely...

I recognize that projects like this are people giving their free time to the project and that it is not the main thing in their life. It takes time and dedication to create programs like this. The issue I see though is that not updating your web page does give the appearance that you don't care. Someone should not have to dig into a forum to find what is going on. A quick look at the front page of the site should tell you what is going on. This is not all that much. It should only take a few minutes to put a little update up.

I do not think a few minutes each week is too much to ask. This would help out a lot. It makes it so people who just find the program know right away what is happening. It will also help draw in developers as they can easily see that it is an active project. A quick glance at the home page right now and I find myself staring at most recent update being over 9 weeks old.

You cannot find any update on the home page about refactoring other than seeing that they reached their funding goal. Your then left guessing as to what they accomplished. I guess what I am saying is. Your putting the time in fixing bugs and things. How about spend a few minutes to show some pride for what you have done. Brag a little about what your doing and what you have done....