Release date for 0.5

Please post an aproximate date (time of year) for the release of 0.5 and any informations about it in this topic.


Yes, it would be great to have an aproximate date for ver 0.5. I think we are all eagerly waiting for the new version.


Ok everyone, sorry for being silent about the 0.5 release date. Still, I fixed some bugs in the last days, so this delay had some positive consequences. I would now like to fix the startup crash if it is possible because it would really not make a good impression if the program crashes when you first try it.

I hope to solve this in something like 1-2 weeks and the finally release 0.5. Having new icons would also have been cool, but I think I will not delay the release anymore.

Thanks again to everyone who is testing the program and reporting bugs!


Hi JB,

good news ! Just one question. Do you plan to introduce also in this version the tittle clip editor patch made by reinhard some weeks ago ?

Juan M.

No, I will not add that patch to version 0.5 because it adds new strings that would have to be translated. But there will probably be a 0.5.1 version not too far away with that kind of new features.


just to clarify this - the titler patch was made by Genscher not me ;)

Oops, you're right :oops:

sorry both, next time I'll confirm usernames and do not rely on my memory ;)

Juan M.

Hello everyone. I just committed some rather important fixes that change the export behavior. Instead of adding black bars if you export your video to a format that has a different aspect ratio, it now scales the video, setting a correct value for the display ratio so that when playing the video, the player should scale it to restore correct dimensions. Can please anyone using svn try it and let me know if it's ok ?

If I have positive feedback, I think I will stop here and do the 0.5 release.
Maybe i will just add some icons from this thread:



Jean-Baptiste, do you think this bug might have been caused by your changes, or has it been already present?

Any news about the new release? I am awaiting for it! :)

sede wrote:
Any news about the new release? I am awaiting for it! :)

Same with me, is there a roadmap or something? Or have you specified a date yet? I would love to see the 0.5 :)

Thanks so far


any updates on the release of 0.5........?

and have you any plans for the first KDE4 version?

kind regards


I think that the seriousness of some bugs delays the release. Please visit the "Bug reports" forum:


and help with debugging and solving the bugs that are still unsolved.

There's a particular bug in FFMPEG with high quality timeline exports, which cannot be solved by KDEnlive developers - it needs to be addressed by FFMPEG guys. If you could help the FFMPEG guys with reproducing this bug without KDenlive, using the ffmpeg utility (e.g. by supplying sample video data and a ffmpeg script), then they would probably take care of this problem.

thanks for the info.

To help ffmpeg debug, make a custom render profile in kdenlive with a .jpg extension and with no avformat parameters. Then, use a filename like kdenlive-%06d.jpg. Render. You can then use the images in ffmpeg ala:
ffmpeg -r 25 -i kdenlive-%06d.jpg -pix_fmt yuv420p ...
You will need to map all the mlt parameters of the render profile you are testing to ffmpeg's options. (In a future version of mlt, I am going to try to adopt ffmpeg's option parsing approach.)