removing color noise from protune footage (HD Hero3)

Has anybody experience in removing the color noise from the so-called Protune "raw" footage? I'm using a Go Pro HD Hero 3 Black Edition for filming under water. I'm switching protune on, and White Balance off. the resulting H.263 footage has a nonlinear RGB compression, which is easy to correct. But what is causing me problems is the color noise, with Protune off the camera itself does a decent job of denoising. I'm struggling with Kdenlive's deuoise effect, but can't get any satisfying results. Either the image gets blurred or the noise is clearly visible. Can someone please enlighten me on the parameters of the denoise effect?

Many thanks, TheDiveO

The denoiser in Kdenlive ( a port of mplayer's hqdn3d) uses simple thresholded unilateral IIR lowpass filters on all three channels. It uses two of them, one spatial and one temporal, each having its own parameter.

Its hard to say without seeing your raw footage, but I guess chroma-only denoising would work better for you.

You can use ffmpeg or mplayer to do that, just check the (HUUUGE) manpages.
There the hqdn3d denoiser has separate parameters for luma and chroma.

One day in the far future I plan to write a couple of more sophisticated frei0r denoisers, that will be usable from within Kdenlive.

Do you have a small native source sample to look at?

Thanks for the reply. I can offer test footage and I will get more in the next weeks.