Removing frustrating effects from timeline!

Hello everyone.

Kdenlive team has a good developers. But if a good developer trying to be a designer - many bad things may happend.

I think that it will be much better to remove so called UI improvements from timeline, like shadow and rounded corners. Because this effects brings only distraction from real work.

In previous versions I can clearly determine on what frame my clip is started and clip transitions looks more pretty.

Now shadow under clip in timelene looks like a mud. Also transition square border ends before background.

Clip selection is now gray - it is almost not visible, green color was more explicit.

It was cool, and now is awful. Do not try to follow mac or win 7 design concepts (by the way in metro ui/Modern UI is no shadows, gradients and rounded corners).

Please return old timeline view.

P.S. This reminds me Trac developers, they have awsome v0.12 but v1.0 with rounded borders, shadows and other small UI changes is not usable anymore, only because UI.

What version are you running? Because I seem to recall some changes were made at some late stage on the UI after some complaints that sound similar to yours.

I have the latest version 0.9.6