render progress not updated

This bug seems to happen at random, but it happens consistently. When rendering with kdenlive
the render progress remains on 0% and says waiting , but when I check my task manager mlt is
eating up my cpu and the rendered file is still increasing in size. If I close kdenlive and remove
the job mlt still remains open attempting to render the file.

kdenlive svn

edit: decided to wait it out to see if the file would render and it did finish
without kdenlive being aware of it


I can confirm this exact behavior today using trunk build on 28/2/2011.
Does not seem to matter what format/codec is used.
I am using Mandriva x86_64.

This seems to be fixed in current svn today as I now can't reproduce this using rev. 5465.

Often this happens when there are two instances of kdenlive running. If you have this problem again open the system monitor and check how many kdenlive programs are running.