Render "selected zone" produce no video stream

Hi all,

I'm new to kdenlive which I appreciate much but I'm facing an issue that I do not manage to fix/understand at the moment.

Actually when rendering a project if I select a zone with the green bar in the timeline, and then render selecting "selected zone" instead of "full project", there is no video stream in the output file, only sound.

I was thinking that may I do not select the zone properly, but as the sound is correct it does much more look like a bug.

Is anybody else facing the same issue ?



What rendering profile are you using? There is an issue with flash rendering. Currently, you need to set the "Scanninf" option to "Force progressive" to get a working flash video.

Yes I've seen this post about the flash issue, but mine does not seems related to a specific profile.
I tried AVI DV, MPEG4 & XVID at the moment.

I have the same problem - no video stream, only audio stream is present for most output profiles.

The only profiles that emit a video stream are the ones that are the same as the original source clips - raw DV and avi DV.

Changing the "Scanning" setting to either values doesn't help.

I'm using KDEnlive build from today's SVN and MLT from today's GIT.

This might be significant - I work under the x86_64 architecture and binaries are compiled in 64 bit mode.

What's interesting, Theora export works fine, as well as FLV export if I select "Force progressive" scanning.

Could it be related to MLT build process? Maybe it doesn't correctly detect available libraries (although I have the headers for libxvid and libx264 installed and "ffmpeg -formats" shows a list which includes mpeg4, mpeg2 and h264 among availabel encoders).

Found the solution for my case!

It seems that under Ubuntu the unstripped versions of ffmpeg libraries are mandatory so one needs to explicitly install them:

sudo apt-get install libavcodec-unstripped-52 libavformat-unstripped-52 libavutil-unstripped-49 libswscale-unstripped-0