Rendered AVI playback freezes at transitions

I have just created my first video with three clips and two transitions. I rendered it to an AVI file and now when I play it back, it plays the first clip just fine, then it comes to the transition and freezes the video for 30 seconds, then it plays the transition and straight into the next clip. The other transition playback the very same.

The first transition is slide, the second is a wipe.

I'm not sure what is going wrong here.


I have the same problem. When I have rendered my video some transitions freeze, but not all. Do someone know what the problem is and how to fix?


Does it look okay in the Project Monitor?
If you render to MPEG-4 instead of AVI DV, without setting a resolution (uses the project resolution) does it look fine?

In the project monitor it looks fine. I have also tested other formats for rendering with the same result.
I think the problem just occurs with short clips, but I'm not sure? When I remove the transition the rendering is ok!


If you can, please submit a bug report and upload a small project file that recreates it. I hope I can reproduce it with my own videos. What are the basic attributes of some of your source videos? Include that information in the bug report to make it easier to reproduce.