Rendered DVD doesn't playback correctly

Hi there,

I'm testing out kdenlive to determine its usability. Generally been having good success, but i've hit a road block with DVD output. The menu works, and it plays the first clip, but as soon as it gets to the next clip/transition it stops and goes back to the menu. However, the entire DVD plays back alright on the computer. Is anyone familiar with this problem? I've tried it with three DVDs, one with video clips, one with a slideshow, and one with a mix, all with the same results. Im using NTSC format.

I noticed others a while ago have had similar problems like in this thread


I'm currently trying out the solution given there of exporting the video file and then using DeVeDe to make the DVD. However if there is a way to get this working in kdenlive it would be much simpler. If anyone has any ideas or tips on how to fix this problem, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.