In rendered product, segments start and end at wrong place


I've captured material from my DV NTSC widescreen camcorder, and assembled it together. When I render the product, the segments start and end at slightly wrong places. I really can't figure out why. The project is configured correctly at DV NTSC widescreen, and everything plays perfectly within the editor itself.

One hint may be that the final rendered product ends up at 25fps while the originals are all 29.97 fps. Is there a way to force a framerate in the rendered product?



I'm having basically the same problem though perhaps more drastic. I have one video track that is at 45 frames per second and when I render, overlay text is off by 6 seconds, then 8 seconds, then 12 seconds ... as playback continues it gets further and further off from how it plays in kdenlive.

Did you have any success figuring out your problem?

No I'm not, unfortunately. It's a total showstopper. Is there a way to directly capture video from what's playing in the Editing preview window? If there were, I could capture that and then transcode into something else.

I am having the exact same problem..... can't find a solution yet, either.