Rendered video has out of sync audio after update

I'm new to kdenlive but was getting on fine until a recent update. I'm using Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) which has kdenlive in the repository.

The problem of video out of sync with audio has arisen since an update a few days ago. (apparent when rendering 1280X720 30 fps to DVD and MP4)

Looking at the history for that update etc, as far as I can tell, kdenlive is unchanged ( but MELT has gone from to

I've tried going back to the earlier version and think I succeeded but the out of sync problem remains.

I've tried a fresh install (on a different partition) but MELT and Kdenlive are not there by default and downloading from the repository gets me the updated version of MELT.

Can anyone help?



I don't know if it will help you, but nevertheless you could check:

I have read earlier that it matters that your kdenlive and mlt/melt is installed from the same repository.
It helped me a while ago with another problem.

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The same project renders fine in an old installation of ArtistX (Ubuntu 11.04 based and 32bit) and also in a new installation of Ubuntu Studio (Ubuntu 12.10 based and 64 bit). I haven't installed the updates for either. This is an adequate workaround for me in the meantime.


Than maybe it is a mismatch between the project setting and your source file and/or rendering profile you use.
Source and render should be the same, for example a ntsc source should stay ntsc, no conversion to other frame rates.

I should have added that the Ubuntu Studio installation I used installed Kdenlive 0.9.2 and MELT 0.8.0.

It is quite possible I'm not doing it right but it was working fine until after the update - same saved project (and source files of course)

I'm rendering a mixture of audio, video (1280 X 720, 30fps) and stills and rendering as 1280X720 mp4 and also as PAL widescreen DVD.

Are you saying that if I have videos with different frame rates, I should convert them prior to using in kdenlive?


You can't just mix PAL and NTSC and/or 30 fps together without asking for problems...
That is also true for any other video editor.