Rendered video shows as just black with audio!

I created a project using a title (for 5 seconds) and an imported mpeg clip that has video and audio. While in kdenlive, the "project monitor" properly shows the title for 5 seconds and then plays the clip. However, when I render the video as an mpeg, it's just a black screen with audio starting after 5 seconds! What might be wrong?

My rendering options:

Destination: File Rendering
MPEG-2 (200K)
Scanning: auto
Export Audio
Full Project

Can you successfully render to any other formats or is this happening for all?

The answer to that question should help you narrow down the cause.

Huh, mpeg4 actually worked with a title page! Any idea how I can figure out why mpeg-2 doesn't work? I really need mpeg-2 as it's a much more common format.