I'm using the latest sunab svn.

When rendering a single 3 second MTS clip to avi or .h264 the waiting time, at the start of render, is about 40 seconds and a single core is running at 100%. When rendering starts it takes about a minute to render. This is so much longer than it used to be, especially on a 6 core 3.2 Ghz machine.

This happened once before, but it sort disappeared after a couple of updates.

Anyone noticed?


Addition to above:-

Just tested on my other machine, which is a lower spec 4 core 2.4GHz, and it rendered fine.
No waiting time and rendered a 14sec clip also 2 pass in 54sec.
It's still using 0.9.3+git20121011...

Forget it. My fault.

What I did was load an older Project and decided to render out some of the edited clips (no need for explanation). To save moving them, I disabled the other timelines and audio. Wrong! poor Kdenlive was trying to work out what this idiot was doing, gave up in the end, and rendered anyway somewhat very slowly.

All works fine loading the clips and rendering them......up to full speed as well.