Rendering Audio Only + any way to MUX in Kdenlive?

Hi everyone. I've been using Kdenlive for a couple of weeks now and it is fast becoming my favourite editor (even replacing my much loved AVID). I have a problem however, I can't seem to find any option to export only the audio from a project. Does such an option exist? I can't seem to find it in the renderer.

A secondary issue (since I'm also new to Linux using Ubuntu Natty). I have rendered a video in 1080p using the AAC sound format by accident (I usually use mp3 as AAC on Linux creates sound artifacts on my computer). I wish to replace the audio of the video file without having to re-encode. Is there a way to do this in Linux?

Thanks in advance everyone!

To render as audio only, just go in the "Destination" drop down on the render screen and choose audio only, then choose your format. See screenshot attached

As for your ACC issue, I think it would be easier to just re-render with the correct audio format. I'm sure there is another way to re-mux as you say, but not sure.

Thanks for this!Only problem now is that the render speed is so slow. I am on an older computer however it says it will take 2 hours just to render the audio which normally takes only a couple of minutes on other editors. Is this the norm or is there so way to speed things up a bit? Thanks in advance!

Must be a long project! What are your PC specs? If you have a CPU with multiple cores, then you can increase the encoder threads (see screenshot again for the render window), I have an i7, so can set this at 8 and let the render blast away, utilising a lot of the CPU.

Otherwise I have found the render speed reasonable, I usually export to mpeg4 18000k at 1920x1080, so quite a workload to render at. All depends on PC memory/CPU etc etc

Check the system monitor to see if anything is maxing out, if all memory is used for example

Um, heh, yeah, it is slow because mlt has an asynchronous render-ahead thread, and it was not explicitly told to skip the video. We will have to fix that. Meanwhile, the manual fix is to customize one of the audio presets and add "video_off=1"

P.S. The encoder threads does not boost the audio encoding speed; I do not think there are any multi-threaded audio codecs yet.

Hi I am new to kdenlive but I have a way that should work to change the audio files over to mp3. just mute the old audio track by clicking on the speeker icon on the frunt of the audio track in the timeline then drag and drop your mp3 audio track created with audicity into the clip window, then add it to your project timeline. this may be a bit slow to render but it should work if you can inport the audio from your project to audicity. I use this method to make .ogg files for webm rendering.