rendering crashe due to ac3_fixed - channel_layout not specified

Hi there,
nearly at the end of a 30 minute rendering process started in kdenlive (, mlt 0.7.6, I got the following error message:

Rendering of /home/olav/kdenlive/FrankenfastnachtDVD.vob crashed
[ac3_fixed @ 0x7fdf64015a60] channel_layout not specified
[ac3_fixed @ 0x7fdf64015a60] No channel layout specified. The encoder will guess the layout, but it might be incorrect.

?Question: can someone explain what to change in my setup to avoid this failure? I looked through all options, but no idea



can somebody please give a hint?
As soon as available with Suse12.1 packman repo I'm going to try out MLT 0.7.8, of course - maybe that helps


Hi olavm,

these ac3 messages are only for information and not the cause of the crash.
I've the same problem with suse 12.1.
I'm currently on very latest versions with x264, ffmpeg, mlt and kdenlive all compiled from source and the rendering job is still crashing.
Bug is reported.
But you can use the output if you render 1 pass with kdenlive.
2 pass must be done via command line script (just ignore the segfault crash)


Now rendering is stable with current MLT git master version.
Build it yourself or wait for next packman release.