Rendering to DVD

I'm running kdenlive 0.7.0 on Mandriva 2009 (KDE4), I have k3b and dvdauthor installed but it appear s that I'm not able to render directly to DVD as suggested in the quick reference document.

This appears to be partly due to the documentation being partly written for 0.7.x and for 0.6.x with the old interface. The rendering section is for the latter as there is no option for Render -> Export to DVD in 0.7.x. I've checked this against my laptop running Kubuntu 8.10 with Kdenlive 0.7.1., same issue.

When I select Render, I can render to DVD as a .vob file. This is fine, but what can I do with a vob file. I would like to burn the output to a DVD so it can be played back in any DVD player!


Have I overlooked something obvious?





The DVD export option was in Kdenlive 0.6 and it was not ported to Kdenlive 0.7, which is a complete rewrite from scratch. To export to DVD, expot to DVD vob. Then either use dvdauthor or its GUI qdvdauthor to create a readable DVD.

I've installed qdevauthor on both my Mandriva 2009 (64-bit) and my Kubuntu 8.10 PCs and both distributions have a bug which causes qdvdauthor to crash due to a library problem.

So I guess the best bet is the command line, more chance of it working and not GUI to get in the way!

The only problem is that the manual for dvdauthor looks really complicated.

Does anyone know what the command line would be to burn a .vob file to create a DVD using  dvdauthor?

Here is a simple howto:

1 - create a text file called input.xml

Copy the following lines in that file:

<dvdauthor dest="DVD"><vmgm></vmgm><titleset><titles><pgc><vob file="video.vob"></vob></pgc></titles></titleset></dvdauthor>

The "video.vob" parameter is the name of your video. If you want to put several videos, repeat the



2- Create a folder called "DVD"

3- Create the DVD structure
dvdauthor -x input.xml

4- Create ISO file for burning
mkisofs -dvd-video -v -o mydvd.iso DVD

To test:
mplayer mydvd.iso

If I find some time, I will try to re-add a very basic dvd creator in Kdenlive.


Thank you so much for your help and the clear instructions. I created the iso without any problems and it plays perfectly.

Kdenlive is an absolutely brilliant video editor. The support provided by this forum is outstanding, as well as all the unsung heros (coders and documenters) who give up their time to make kdenlive such a great product.