Rendering to h.264 gives sound only, no video


I using kdenlive 0.9.4 in ubuntu 12.10, and have run into some problems when rendering to h.264-format. Mpeg2 works nicely, as do mp4, but often (but not always!) when I render to h.264, the file contains only sound, no video. I make sure the "export audio" is grey-ish ("automatic"), and have also tried with it blank or with a clear mark - without success. However, it seems that *sometimes* it works, maybe when the computer is newly rebooted - I have not been able to be sure about this, as the successes are difficult to produce...

Any ideas on what might be wrong?



Noone else having similar problems....??


still havent tried

i am editing a project, will render soon and will let you know

I was having the same problem, and have no idea what was causing it. First I did not know I could just install libavcodec-extra-53 from universe, and I tried to manually compile and install kdenlive dependencies... but since I only installed stuff (ffmpeg and frei0r) in /usr/local I don't think it should have affected kdenlive. I could still render to other formats, like mpeg4 - and suddenly, after having tried different material and different settings, I can now render to h.264 as well.

I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 amd64 (beta), updated from previous releases.