Rendering problem on 64-bit Ubuntu

Hello, everyone.

I've been a Kdenlive user since I've used Ubuntu 8.10 on an older machine of mine, and it worked great for what I needed it for.

Now that I've gotten a newer computer with a 64-bit processor running Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit, I have a problem with rendering my videos. It seems that only some formats such as Ogg Theora and RealVideo appear as usable, but other codecs like H.264, MPEG-4, etc. appear greyed out and therefore not usable. I didn't get this issue with non-64-bit 8.10 before.

Can anyone give me a hand on solving this issue?

Nobody has any suggestions on fixing this issue? :(

I am using Ubuntu Studio 9.04 Kdenlive v7.3 on 64bit AMD phenome system, on selecting render, none of the export formats are greyd out, do you have mlt files installed:- libmlt++1, libmlt1, libmlt-data?
Seem to remember on one of the versions that was an option.

I have the same problem here. I'm on ubuntu 9.04 64bits and libmlt1, libmlt-data and libmlt++1 are installed..
any solutions?

thx! It works now!
I notice that the "Rescale" option in the rendering windows do not give good result.

Is there a way to have custom size project?? And is there a Feature request area?
It would be nice to define a Render folder. Maybe in the Project Settings...